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One of the things I’ve found challenging as an author is to keep each character a little different.

Not just the characters in my current story, but to the characters of my last novel and the next novel I plan on writing.

Some of this can be achieved by the character’s dialogue voice and what words they use when they talk and think.

One of these character traits, for the not so nice character, can be how they insult people.

Now I’m not saying all your characters are going to be insulting or insensitive but you are going to have some that are, or you are not writing realistic characters.

Let’s face it, when we are peed off about something we often mutter something under our breath, or think something in our minds.  More up front characters might say it out loud. And then there are the characters you main character loves but you want your reader to dislike.

So here are some 10 common types of insults – and links  to many  more. Some of the links are funny go check them out.

(NOTE: There’s a lot of swearing / foul language here and in the links)

Love this Insult.

Love this Insult.



  • Veiled behind a compliment.

“Your new haircut looks great, so much better than what you had before.”


The sly insult

“Great dress. It makes you look ten pound lighter.”

  • The I know you and find fault with you

“You’re the weirdest person I’ve ever met. But I love you anyway.”

“Rosie’s such a slut, but she’s has great parties and stories so she’s super fun.”

“I love Ken, he’s a great cook, unfortunately that’s all he’s good at.”

  • The list of wonders – then the sting.

“He’s a wonderful husband, loyal, hardworking, sweet, romantic, I just wish he could …… (add whatever)”

“Oh, Katy of course he’s going to love you. Your pretty, have a great interesting job, a fun personality, just make sure you don’t laugh too loud or hard. You get carried away. It’s part of your fun side, but well, you don’t want to scare him off. “

  • The demeaning your worth

“Can’t you ever do anything right?”

“How long have you done it that way.”  Put in laughter

“You’re so lucky you got that great job, I mean it’s not like you have a degree/experience etc. I’d hang onto that, you won’t get one like that again.”

  • In your face

“You’re such a bitch, dogs follow you around everywhere.”

“You should get that nose fixed. I have a number for a plastic surgeon in my purse.”

  • The Shared insult / Second-hand.

“Huh, funny, when Gary was dating you he said you were tall and blonde.”  And your short and brunette.

“Mary-jo’s was so mean on Saturday night. She told Mrs. Fields you were the worst cook in town.”

“Wow, Taylor just said your low cut dress looked like it was made for someone much slimmer.”

  • Insult the family

“Your mother’s so fat she can’t fit through a bus door.”

“Those are your kids? Gosh, what do you feed them.”

  • The cast a wide net insult (e.g. a whole group)

“He’s an accountant. Poor you, they are always so dull.”  (add in any profession/hobby/passion)

“CEO’s are always egotistical pin-heads.” Any job, ethnic group, even hair color (think Blonde jokes)

  • The implied insult – see what I do/how I treat you.

“Sorry I’m late, but I had an important appointment / had to drop the kids off/ pick my nose before I came. I was sure you wouldn’t mind.” (also inferring you would be small minded if it did annoy you)

Your at lunch with them and they answer their phone, text, scrolling through their Facebook feed, looking at and answering  emails on their smart phone etc.

  • The profanity of it all.

This one is not picking on one personality trait or any other particular thing – bit broad-spectrum

“He’s such an ass.”

“She’s the biggest bitch I’ve ever met.”


Of course there’s many more. But where do you find imaginative, fresh idea for your characters to use or be slogged with?

Insult your characters

Insult your characters

Here’s some links:  Some are hilarious (be aware foul language is everywhere).

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