Monthly Archive: March 2016

UNFORGETTABLE LOVER, Fantasy Romance by Rosalie Redd

***NEW RELEASE*** UNFORGETTABLE LOVER Fantasy Romance (Novella) Back Cover Blurb. The Betram ritual, when the full moon occurs on the summer solstice, is a sexual rite—and a requirement—for all unbonded Stiyaha of age. The irresistible urge to mate drives their…
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DIGGING UP THE PAST, Urban Fantasy by Sandi Brackeen.

DIGGING UP THE PAST Urban Fantasy by Sandi Brackeen The Spade of Apocatequil can raise the dead and grant immortality—and it’s been stolen! “I really enjoyed this book. I remember taking a few courses in archaeology, and together with the…
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Crashes and Biting your Nose Off.

Website Crashes and Biting my Nose Off.  On Monday I took my life into my hands and hit update on a WordPress update for my website. One of those things that is shoved in your line of vision every time…
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