Cassandra's books will transport you into an adventure beyond reality, into realms you had never dared to dream existed. From mysterious capers tracking down priceless art and lost jewels to exploring the romance and poignancy of past-life soulmates, you will be swept away by Cassandra's masterful storytelling, lifelike characters, and rich settings.

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The Grave Robber Series


Grave Robber For Hire

With two men at her side, a clairvoyant is pulled into the world of body stealing demons. One male is her guardian angel; the other has his own reasons to keep her alive, she's just not sure what they are.

Born with a gift to touch handwriting to see the past, Angel uses her unusual talent to help find lost family heirlooms for her clients. A relatively safe enterprise. But as she tries to locate a Rembrandt, she finds herself facing a demon who also covets the painting.

Why does a demon want an object of art enough to kill for it?

Whatever those reasons, with the reward for finding the Rembrandt large enough to fund a larger animal rescue farm, and Angel’s fears that if the demon wins it will destroy all Angel loves, Angel must not just continue the hunt but against all the odds—win.

With her guardian angel and a private investigator she found too hot not to hire at her side, Angel will continue to hunt for the Rembrandt, and pray she not only beats the demon but stays alive and keeps her soul.

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Grave Robbing's Gone to Hell

In a fight against one of Hell’s creatures, can a clairvoyant save her friends’ animal rescue and a dead man’s soul?

Clairvoyant Angel Meyers uses her ability to see the past to hunt for her clients’ lost family treasures.

But this case is personal.

Good friends Gary and Tess, desperately need money to save their animal rescue farm. To help, Angel must use her gift to find the legendary emerald and diamond jewelry set Gary’s family lost over a century ago.

Only on her first trip into the past, Angel discovers Josey Richards, a malevolent body and soul-stealing demon from Hell, has the jewels in her black clawed clasp.

And it gets worse. Gary’s ancestor, the besotted fool, gave Josey the jewels, and as he did, he unknowingly handed her his soul.

Josey will kill to keep her soul trapping gifts.

But even with Viggo and super hunk Tyreal at her side, does Angel have what it takes to fight one furious demon to not only save the farm but a dead man’s soul?

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The Reincarnation Series


To Love an Earl Twice

Can love once forsaken, be reborn two centuries later?

Charlene feels compelled to start a new life in a village that causes the oddest sense of déjà vu. On a visit to a nearby manor, she sees a portrait of a man and becomes infatuated with the Earl of Townsend who died two centuries ago. When she bumps into a man who is the spitting image of the earl, her world spins into a mix of the past and the present.

All his life Jake has dreamed about a woman dressed in Regency period clothing, feeling even love and desire for her when he was nothing more than child. When he meets her living doppelgänger, he sees it as fate and pursues her.

But is the love they share from this life, or from another?

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The Ruins of Destiny

Past lives and destiny, or mistaken identity?

Free spirit Rosalie believes in past lives, eternal love, and fate. She knows she’s found her partner from another life, her soul mate, the moment she finds him unconscious at the ruins of an old manor. But Lane has no recollection of a past life and doesn’t do relationships.

Rosalie’s determined to make him feel the past’s gravitational pull, but is rapidly getting nowhere. Then she discovers Lane had an identical twin who died sixteen years ago.

Has she been casting her romantic expectations at the wrong man?

Is her reincarnated soul mate already dead?

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Collisions of Time

Caitlyn’s never been in love, and believes all men leave, just like her father did when he found out her mother was pregnant.

She and Link meet when they both race to stop a runaway stroller. He’s dark Irish handsome, and the new owner and developer of Oakaton Hall, the house she’s always felt should belong to her.

Link wonders about the strong connection with Caitlyn that’s evident the minute he meets her, and why Oakaton Hall has ghostly voices only they can hear.

Why do they feel the connection to each other and the hall?

Will their past life’s happiness be the key to convincing Caitlyn that he’s the one man who will stay?

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