Crashes and Biting your Nose Off.

Website Crashes and Biting my Nose Off. 

On Monday I took my life into my hands and hit update on a WordPress update for my website. One of those things that is shoved in your line of vision every time you enter the site as an admin.

What a result.  The crash was silent and dramatic and as usually totally peed me off. 

Instant white page. Nothing – just a big fat fatal error 500 message.  This has happened before – WordPress does appear to be a bit fragile, so I rang my hosting company company who I use to host my website (or should say DID host with) only to be told by a very condescending turd that people like me should have website designers etc to handle such things.

Gee, really and who is going to pay for that privilege I wonder?  As I said – turd.

Money in our house is a tight and getting tighter, commodity.  I wonder why he works if he is so rich??  It really sticks in my craw when people have that attitude like everyone has buckets of money – yet they too work and probably don’t earn enough to pay for such things either.

Just to top off my happy happy he told me could fix it by doing a previous day restore for $80 USD – which is about $120 Australian at the moment.  Mmmm so I pay over $300 a year for hosting and domains with GoDaddy and this was my help.

So I bit my nose off to spite myself and said stick it, I’ll take my hosting elsewhere.  I am currently trying InMotion Hostiing – have no idea if they are any good yet but can’t be more shit than before.  So I’ve had to set up a whole new website. See – Major pain in rectum area. Which sucks since all my blogs  and guests posts were there and I’d already set up and scheduled 6 guest posts – but I at least didn’t let myself be taken for rip-off-ride.

Sometimes it’s best of bite off your nose.

So new website, new host company, whole lot of blank

See you soon .

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  1. Marie Dry

    Sounds like a tough week Cassandra. Hope the new site works out.


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