THE ELEMENTAL, Fantasy / Paranormal by Lisa Veldcamp



THE ELEMENTAL (Book 1 of the Fire trilogy)

by Lisa Veldcamp


elemental review

elemental book coverTime is running out, and only the Elemental can save the world.

“My name is Catherine van Dyk. I run a private massage and coaching practice in Shoreditch, London—nothing special, you would say, and you would be right. Except something terrible is about to happen to our planet, and I’m the only one who can do something about it, so no pressure. Am I going to succeed? This time I might finally be able to control the elements. I have to. To save my life. To save all our lives.”

Catherine van Dyk is an Elemental, which means she can control earth, air, fire, and water—sort of. Catherine is trying to leave her darker days behind her, but she and her friends, who have similar abilities, must try to restore balance to our world. Whether her new neighbor Tristan can help her in that has yet to be seen. Is Tristan who he says he is? With disaster on its way and only one week to go, time is running out. For Catherine, for her friends, for all of us.


And here’s a taste of what’s inside: 


JUST BEYOND the outskirts of Shoreditch, into Hackney, lies London Fields. It’s a beautiful park with a bit of a bad rep due to the incidents of a few years back, but on a sunny day, skaters practise their latest moves, children play, people enjoy a picnic, or some guy plays his guitar. Today it seemed deserted, except it wasn’t. Just around the corner, behind the trees, there was movement. Twelve women stood in a circle, chanting and looking up to the sky. One of them looked frantically around as though she waited for something, someone.

It was quiet on the streets of Shoreditch, London. Way too quiet. And dark. No working street lights. No red buses, no taxi drivers honking their horns, and stores all seemed to be closed. Lots of people were inside one specific house, watching television. Candlelight provided light inside the house, and a generator could be heard humming in the backyard.

A man came round the corner. He talked into some sort of old-fashioned device. “I’m almost home, honey, I’m almost home. Just keep the door locked and the windows closed.” He sounded frightened. “Two teenagers, a boy and a girl, ran toward each other, and the girl called out to him. “I want to be with you when it happens!” He wrapped his arms around her as soon as she reached him and then they hastily disappeared into an apartment building.

The ground vibrated beneath Leah’s and the other women’s feet. They raised too much energy. “I don’t know how much longer we can hold the circle!” Leah shouted toward the woman opposite her.

She looked toward the sky and saw nothing but black and some stars. She knew very well, however, that beyond the blackness there was an asteroid the size of several London Fields on a path to destroy them all, unless they could connect to it first and save this bloody planet. Where the hell was Kate?

Ten seconds. Their lives depended on ten seconds. They wouldn’t be able to see it until it hit the atmosphere and then they’d have ten seconds to connect to it before it hit the ground, maybe even less. Leah looked over her shoulder once more. This was starting to look a lot like a suicide mission. In the distance, something moved toward them. It was a woman. She was running.

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Lisa is the author of the poetry collections Nothing is ForgottenWhen Words Start To Sing and The Elemental, book I of The Fire Trilogy. The Elemental is her first full-length novel, released on Halloween 2015 by Booktrope Publishing, Seattle WA. She also wrote The Bridge Between Yesterday and Tomorrow, her first short story for teenagers, which was released 18 October 2015 in the anthology Awethology Light by Plaisted Publishing

Lisa has a background in social services and music, but writing has always been a part of her daily life. One night she dreamed the outlines of The Elemental and took it as a sign from the Universe to pursue a career in writing.

She grew up in a small town in the Netherlands where her parents always taught her to think outside the box. She has a degree in social studies and joined the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids as an adult.

Lisa loves London, according to her ‘the city where magic dwells’ and can often be found there. She still resides in the Netherlands however with her partner and their dog Miss Ginger Rogers and if you’re lucky, you may find her in her favourite coffeehouse, Barista cafe.

Lisa is also an editor for Folk Harp Folks, a magazine published by The Dutch Folk Harp society.

elementalAs you may have noticed from my bio, I’m a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. The paranormal has always been a part of my life.

What I’m trying to do with The Fire Trilogy is to make the paranormal – normal. Yes, some people are born with a gift, but how is that any other than a great skill for languages? Or craftsmanship? It’s just that people tend to fear what they don’t understand.

Catherine and her friends are just like us, only with a special gift. Which they consider both a blessing and a curse.

I’m currently working on book II of The Fire Trilogy which will be released Halloween (or Samhuinn, for me) this year. It is the beginning of the Celtic New Year and the day of life and rebirth, it’s special to me.

The Empath is the exact same timeline as The Elemental, only seen from Tristan’s point of view, not Catherine’s.

Now this is not like Midnight Sun (the Twilight story seen from Edward’s point of view) In Twilight, Bella and Edward have a lot of interaction, so we learn more about his thoughts, but the story is the same.

The Empath shows Tristan’s world, his motives, his life, his friends. Only the few moments he interacts with Catherine are the same.

But even though Catherine has to save the world in The Elemental, The Empath is much darker and more complex. So far book two has given me hell! Both Tristan and the main antagonist Alan are giving me way too much trouble.

Eventually I’ll get there though. I have to. My editor expects the first draft by June! *gasps*


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