Fantasy/Dystopian Future

King Arthur Meets Divergent


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QUEEN UNCOVEREDGwen’s blood test reveals that she has the queen gene. The world already has two kings fighting for the crown. The last she ever wanted was to be part of the war that is tearing everyone and everything apart.
Her father sold her to King Thor and clearly chose his side. She has no time to react as Thor barges in. The moment her father dies, she becomes numb. Her life is over and she goes with Thor back to his home, though she never intends to stay.
Now it is up to Gwen to take charge of her life. The one thing she never expected to find in the castle was love.

A taste of what’s inside:
“There are too many scouts now and I promised your mother I would keep you safe. I failed her, but I won’t fail you too.”
“We don’t have time for this, Father. Everything will work out.”
“If you were normal according to the BloodRite, then you’d have had a chance to run.”
I was just as normal as everyone else. Father made no sense anymore. I reached for his hands across the table, but frowned. “I’m normal. Father, I don’t care what the BloodRite says.”
He shook his head, and I swore that his eyes seemed haunted. “Your BloodRite was the same as your mother’s.”
I swallowed. So what? Mother was born some lady-in-waiting in a kingdom, but she took off with Father. There was no way I’d ever be some lady with nothing to do in a castle.
My feet tapped on the floor. “What are you talking about? What did the BloodRite say? I’m to be a maid if we lived in the city?”
He closed his hands together and prayed to some unknown God. His sword clanked against his rusted metal shoes. Finished, he gazed at me like he’d arrived at a decision. “No.”
My stomach fluttered. “Father?”
He pounded a single fist against the table. Then tears rolled down his cheeks. “You are to be a queen.”
I couldn’t move.
The third trumpet blared. All that rang in the air were the sounds of men right outside the gates.
“What? You said I was like Mother. Was she to be Queen?”
“Your mother and I made mistakes.” Father’s brown eyes closed like that might stop his tears. “The day of your test, I went to see Thor…”
I covered my mouth and interrupted, “The rebel king?”
Rebels and rightful kings would be sorted out later, not that it mattered.
“It’s the only way. You must marry someone that can take care of you.”
Marry? I couldn’t even blink. Boys were killed off fast out in the world of war. The time for family was over. I needed to protect my heart from love. It only equaled more pain. “I don’t want a husband.”
Father stood up. His chair scraped against the floor as he walked to stare out the small slit of a window he had in this room. “I need to make sure you’re safe. Thor swore he’d keep you from Rex, even if you weren’t destined to be queen. I did my best.”
I curled my hands at my side. He had given up on me. “And so you let Thor have me himself?”
The soldiers’ cheers grew louder. My father threw a shawl at me as he tugged me out the door, like that would cover the sin of his intention.

Why Victoria wrote this story:
I have always loved King Arthur and the knights of the round table. It was probably my gateway into comic books and other fantasy novels. The idea of a perfect world, where men are noble always appealed to me. However what always bothered me was the women in the story were treated more as the prize than as a people. The love triangle was always more about the two men than about a woman choosing love. It always bothered me. So I wanted to write a modern version of this story and really let Gwen decide who she’d choose. I set it in the post nuclear future, and have the whole history repeats itself theme. However we are riding around on horses, with women in long dresses and the men are knights with swords. We reverted back to the medieval, though without all the smells and dirt that real history would have. (Sorry history teacher here for the day job.)

Author Bio:
victoria pinderVictoria Pinder grew up in Irish Catholic Boston before moving to the Miami sun. She’s worked in engineering, then became a lawyer. But after passing the bar and practicing very little, she realized that she hated the practice of law. During all this time, she always wrote stories to entertain herself or calm down. When she sat down to see what skill she had that matched what she enjoyed doing, writing became so obvious. She is bold, and brainy like her characters. Her website is www.victoriapinder.com.

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